Phenomena in our Social, Political & Cultural Life Let’s debate and differ

A number of passive phenomena in our social, political & cultural life stop us to criticize. Most of us, however, whisper angrily with their views, others express their condemnation loudly.

So, what is keeping us from discussing openly these phenomena, listening to the different views, a matter that reveals the issues that have been silenced by force or through ignorance, unveils the shadows of the unknown and sets back the illogic that accompanies the strength of the tribe rather than that of logic?

Ignoring the phenomena that we criticize and that we consider as negative in our lives will help in aggravating such issues and would make them as part of our culture, a matter that will be difficult to uproot.

What the young generation learn through life is more assertive than what they learn at schools through books. At any time we discuss the negative phenomena in our lives it does not necessary mean to disagree.

We may agree and enforce each other’s opinion, or we may disagree and dispute each other’s logic. It is rather important that we face our logic boldly having others share this debate to reach conclusions that are backed up by logic without forcing any one to take our views. However, when we agree, it will be great, and if we disagree it will be even greater, not for the fun of having dispute, but rather to push the argument further, and enrich the discussion in our stagnant Palestinian society.

Debate is not a synonym to perplexity, nor does it mean distortion of meaning or placing it out of its context. Debate on negative phenomena is meant to be honest and based on facts of reality and logic rather than illusion.

It is indented to identify the negative symptoms, to analyses them rather that to cover up for them and eventually to reach a conclusion that would assist in building up our society in the way we foresee.

In every article, I will deal with one of these phenomena, trusting that my introduction will be an open invitation for fruitful discussion on the issue discussed.