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To Faisal

In his Memorial Ceremony / Amman / 15 September 2006 Tears Tears return to every weeping eye, Because they do not resemble you Nor does the sun, Nor do the moon and stars, Nor do precious stones ….. ….. You, only, can resemble yourself Clouds No cloud can embrace you, Clouds are too small ….. ….. Our eyes Are your ... Read More »

You shall not escape

You shall not escape Shall not enjoy your sleep or wakefulness Before you Our dreams Pens and eyes Before you Our Walls cement and steel Behind you Our birds Ahmad / Zechariah / Mohammed / Ismail The sixteenth of July of every year of your lives Behind you The smell of bunt flesh The burns of Sabah at Beit Lahiya ... Read More »

My Self

I narrate my tales I twist the necks of time I extract my past – I exist. I enter into history, beautiful and radiant. I spread my robe – the springs erupt the cataracts fall: Arabiyya, Zahret el Uqhuwan, Maheeba (1) Rubeen (2), Al Houdaj (3), shatranj (4) Al mawwal (5), ad dabke (6), at tabban (7) Ayyoub, al’Ajami, en-Nabi ... Read More »

A State of Affection

The affection Of pens to their length, Of Paper to its words, Of Words to their letters, Of letters to their salt The affection Of birds to their nests, Of nests to their trees, Of trees to their leaves, Of leaves to their water The affection Of beds to their covers, Of covers to their cotton, Of cotton to its ... Read More »

In Her Fifties

In her fifties, A woman’s chest Carries the peaches of childhood, The Butter of the youth, And the olives of old age In her fifties, A woman’s heart Carries the spontaneous twenties, The mad thirties, The charming forties, And the reputable sixties In her fifties, A woman’s fist Carries the heat of thunderbolts, The might of rocks, And the tenderness ... Read More »


I slowly grind Those questions that await no answer, I tenderly shake Those taboos embedded in my thought, My eyelashes embrace Those truest of friends; I grant them the oils of my heart, My mind opens to Those truest of enemies; I show them my pencil’s spears, Those moderate friends, And those moderate enemies, I throw in the garbage bin ... Read More »

A Rainbow

Raed Hammoudeh (Al Bireh) Age:30 I’m not looking for cameras I keep my face covered I discover him I discover him A gunman with a silencer He discovers determination He discovers lightening Muhammed Al-Dura (Breij refugee camp) Gazzah Age:12 My picture glowing on the wall My smile melts behind my father Give me back My school bag My drawing book ... Read More »

Participated in an international conference (Accounts of the Conflict: Digitally Archiving Stories for Peace building)

– Participated in an international conference held at Ulster University in Belfast – Northern Ireland 17-18/11/ 2014. Organized by the International Conflict Research Institute (Incore) and was entitled (Accounts of the Conflict: Digitally Archiving Stories for Peace building). Presented a paper entitled: Palestinian Women Archives: Making Women Visible Read More »

The International Solidarity Question: What is to be done?

What is to be done? A question we face today from our friends across the globe, in response to the wars raged against Lebanon and Palestine. The question emerges when letters of condemnation and protest have been exhausted, and when these friends are not satisfied with appeals, petitions or demands, but rather long to do something more effective. What could ... Read More »

International Solidarity and Standing for the Values of Freedom

If lies distort truth, silence will kill it An eye on Lebanon, an eye on Gaza, I was on my way to participate in a women workshop in Bern, Switzerland between 16-19 July 2006 and an international seminar for writers and translators in Rhodes, Greece from18-23 July 2006. I was hesitant to attend, questioning the importance of participation and the ... Read More »