Razzan al-Najjar and the Dawn of Freedom: She walks with a self-assured step

The dawn of a self-assured walk; The dawn of a pure smile; The dawn of free belonging to the homeland; The dawn of a strong sense of responsibility; The dawn of insistence on life; The dawn of confrontation and defiance; The dawn of initiative, positive action, determination; Your dawn, Moussa Abu Hassanein, Your dawn, Hazem Abu Eid, Your dawn, Jehad ... Read More »

On the International Day of Happiness: We are not fine

In March, as we sent messages of greeting to one another on International Women’s Day, and revived the memory of the Battle of Karameh and Land Day, the International Day of Happiness appeared, on the 20th, to whisper in our ears: Palestine is ranked number 103, among all the countries of the world, in the 2017 World Happiness Report: you ... Read More »

Stories of Music in Occupation Jails: “Blessed Are Those Who Stand Firm”

I was moved by a letter written by Hassan Karaja, an activist for youth and social rights, who was imprisoned and has now been released. It was written from Ofer Prison, where many have been buried alive, and sent to Ma3azef (an online magazine that specializes in music, and in particular music from the Arab World) on the 23rd of ... Read More »

From Sarajevo to Atsioun: Long Live Freedom

The journalist Omar Nazzal tells the story of his unexpected detention between April 2016 and February 2017 as he made his way to Sarajevo to participate in a conference of the Union of European Journalists. He was arrested because of his previous journalistic work, and of his defence of those journalists who are repeatedly assaulted by Israel. “The interrogator said ... Read More »

The scholar has his say: ‘It’s now time to begone.’

The presence of the Israeli occupation is associated with the practice of violence against the Palestinian people in its extremest forms, and a total indifference to interational laws and conventions, and the violation of human rights. Beginning with the racial cleansing massacres and the expulsion of the Palestinian people in 1948 by the Zionist forces, it continues in its different ... Read More »

Dignity strike: “the humane option for resistance”

How do we support the dignity strike? What do freedom prisoners need to improve their prison conditions? What do they need from their people, from the Arabs, and from the peoples of the free world? How can real solidarity with them be expressed? Is it useful for them that we fall into self-blaming? Do prayers help them? Or wishes? Or ... Read More »

The Women are Coming: Freedom for Gaza and Freedom for Homa Hoodfar

Since the middle of this month, I have followed with great interest, anticipation, anxiety and hope the imminent sailing of the Women’s Boat to Gaza attempting to break the siege; a step on the road to freeing the people of Gaza Strip from their huge prison. I also followed up on the escalating popular and official demonstrations against the incarceration ... Read More »

Writing Palestine’s Comprehensive History A Tool of Resistance and Freedom

  “The archaeologist is busy analyzing stones/ in the rubble of legends he searches for his own eyes/ to show/ that I am a sightless vagrant on the road/ with not one letter in civilization's alphabet/ meanwhile in my own time I plant my trees/ I sing of my love.” Mahmoud Darwish   In light of the Zionist Entity recruiting ... Read More »

The Voices of Women in March Breaking the Siege and Ending the Occupation

I received several letters commenting on my article entitled: "Women’s Boat to Gaza 2016: A Message of Hope, Solidarity and Love". Within my column, “A space for dialogue”, I host some of these comments The letters not only expressed complete support for the initiative to break the siege on Gaza, but they also confirmed the importance of raising our voices ... Read More »