Feminist Phenomena

Razzan al-Najjar and the Dawn of Freedom: She walks with a self-assured step

The dawn of a self-assured walk; The dawn of a pure smile; The dawn of free belonging to the homeland; The dawn of a strong sense of responsibility; The dawn of insistence on life; The dawn of confrontation and defiance; The dawn of initiative, positive action, determination; Your dawn, Moussa Abu Hassanein, Your dawn, Hazem Abu Eid, Your dawn, Jehad ... Read More »

The Women are Coming: Freedom for Gaza and Freedom for Homa Hoodfar

Since the middle of this month, I have followed with great interest, anticipation, anxiety and hope the imminent sailing of the Women’s Boat to Gaza attempting to break the siege; a step on the road to freeing the people of Gaza Strip from their huge prison. I also followed up on the escalating popular and official demonstrations against the incarceration ... Read More »

(العربية) ناريمان خورشيد: الدخول إلى حيز الذاكرة الجماعية

قوية الشخصية، ومحاربة شرسة، وخطيبة ميدانية، وقائدة طيارة جريئة، تلك هي المناضلة الفلسطينية "نريمان نهاد خورشيد"، التي ولدت العام 1927، في يافا، وعاشت فيها حتى عام 1948، حيث انتقلت للعيش في القاهرة، وبقيت فيها حتى يوم وفاتها، في 18 شباط 2014. وارتبط اسمها مع اسم شقيقتها "مهيبة خورشيد" بتأسيس وقيادة المنظمة السرية "زهرة الأقحوان"، عام 1947.  عملت "نريمان خورشيد"، سكرتيرة، ... Read More »

The Women of Egypt Cry: We Will Not Go Back / Women’s Voice is Revolution

A ricocheting cry let out by the women of Egypt: We will not go back. It is not true that the accomplishments made by women on the social and political fronts before the 25th January Revolution were a gift from the president or the president's wife. What women have achieved thus far is the result of the Egyptian women's struggle. ... Read More »

Sally Majdi Zahran: Will remain in the collective memory of the Arab people

"Every woman did something…no one stood still" The active presence of women in the popular Egyptian revolution was quite prominent. Since the first moment of its eruption, we saw young women cry out and chant in the name of the revolution, hanging the slogans on their chests. We saw women from different age groups participating in demonstrations loudly and forcefully. ... Read More »