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The Voices of Women in March Breaking the Siege and Ending the Occupation

I received several letters commenting on my article entitled: "Women’s Boat to Gaza 2016: A Message of Hope, Solidarity and Love". Within my column, “A space for dialogue”, I host some of these comments The letters not only expressed complete support for the initiative to break the siege on Gaza, but they also confirmed the importance of raising our voices ... Read More »

Women’s Boat to Gaza 2016: A Message of Hope, Solidarity and Love

What Palestinian people are desperately in need of in these current times as they struggle for their freedom is the will to triumph. When Mohammad Al Qeeq triumphed over his jailors after a tenacious struggle, #alive not a martyr, hope glimmered. When the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FCC) announced that the Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG) was about to set sail ... Read More »

Orange Orange: 16-Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Can we really “orange the world”? Can the world be free from violence that strips humans of their humanity? This was the goal of the “16-Days of Activism Against Gender Violence” campaign, which since 2013 called women, men and children to color the world orange to symbolize a brighter and more positive future free from violence against women. The campaign ... Read More »

(العربية) البرتقالي البرتقالي: 16 يوماً لمناهضة العنف ضد المرأة

هل يمكن أن يتلوَّن وجه العالم باللون البرتقالي؟ هل يمكن أن يخلو العالم من العنف الذي يجرِّد الإنسان من آدميته؟ كان هذا هو هدف الحملة الدولية "16 يوماً لمناهضة العنف ضد المرأة"؛ حين دعت النساء والرجال والأطفال إلى تلوين العالم باللون البرتقالي، ومنذ عام 2013، في "رؤية رمزية لعالم مشرق وإيجابي خال من العنف ضد النساء والفتيات". تبدأ الحملة يوم ... Read More »

أرشيفات الشعوب: استقراء الماضي لصنع المستقبل

اهتمت الديكتاتوريات، عبر العالم، بتأسيس أرشيفات للأفراد؛ ليس كتعبير عن الاهتمام بهم، أو احترامهم كمواطنين/ نساء ورجالاً؛ بل للاهتمام بهم كموالين أو معارضين، ولذا اهتمَّت بملاحقتهم عبر تتبع أخبارهم الخاصة، بوسائل متعددة، ووضع هذه الأخبار في ملفات صفراء، تحفظها ضمن أرشيفات، توضع في مراكز البوليس، أو مباني المخابرات، وتستخدمها للتهديد، أو للقمع، أو للاعتقال، وأحياناً كمبرر للقتل. وكذلك شأن الملفات ... Read More »

The International Solidarity Question: What is to be done?

What is to be done? A question we face today from our friends across the globe, in response to the wars raged against Lebanon and Palestine. The question emerges when letters of condemnation and protest have been exhausted, and when these friends are not satisfied with appeals, petitions or demands, but rather long to do something more effective. What could ... Read More »

International Solidarity and Standing for the Values of Freedom

If lies distort truth, silence will kill it An eye on Lebanon, an eye on Gaza, I was on my way to participate in a women workshop in Bern, Switzerland between 16-19 July 2006 and an international seminar for writers and translators in Rhodes, Greece from18-23 July 2006. I was hesitant to attend, questioning the importance of participation and the ... Read More »

Story-Sewing & Writing Social History

I recall the past, I talk about the present & I outlook the future through narrating. Is it possible for me to do all that through sewing? Would I be able to weave my stories the way I tell them? Is it possible for the ordinary (needle & thread) to shape acts of free-will towards psychological, political & social liberty ... Read More »

One Thousand Women for the Nobel Peace Prize Award Year 2005 For Better Participation of Arab Women

Project “1000 Women for Nobel Peace Prize 2005” came as part of international woman struggle to write the history of nations from women’s vision. This notion came to be an intrinsic part of women movements, for recognition of woman rights, and for the need to upgrade woman participation in society general affairs; and to stand against marginalizing them. Women movements ... Read More »