Progressive Phenomena

Qasim Abdulhadi AbdulHadi: Theory meeting practice

“I see and my heart is never lying A spirit full of elegance and greatness I see majesty, light and an angle A face greeting us and smiling.”                 Hafez Ibrahim   He departed silently and peacefully, smiling, as he was gone to meet the two beloved ones that never left him. His wound ... Read More »

Woman in the eyes of Alhakim: Ideology and Practice

In Ramallah city, and after forty days of the departure of Alhakim, on the 29th of March, and in the intellectual seminar set up by the National Tributes Commission, in collaboration with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine:  “Lights shed on the Practice and thought of Dr. George Habash.” When I was assigned to speak about “Women in ... Read More »

The Endorsement of the Law of Intellectual Property: A Basic Step to the Country of Law

"Respecting Intellectual Property is an incentive for innovation" Kopinor               In the period between the 11th and the 13th of August 2005; in the presence of Norwegian writers unions, and in cooperation between the Norwegian translators union and Ogarit Center for translation and publication in Ramallah, a workshop was organized in Oslo for the discussion of Arabic-Scandinavian-Arabic language translation. ... Read More »