Palestinian Phenomena

From Sarajevo to Atsioun: Long Live Freedom

The journalist Omar Nazzal tells the story of his unexpected detention between April 2016 and February 2017 as he made his way to Sarajevo to participate in a conference of the Union of European Journalists. He was arrested because of his previous journalistic work, and of his defence of those journalists who are repeatedly assaulted by Israel. “The interrogator said ... Read More »

Dignity strike: “the humane option for resistance”

How do we support the dignity strike? What do freedom prisoners need to improve their prison conditions? What do they need from their people, from the Arabs, and from the peoples of the free world? How can real solidarity with them be expressed? Is it useful for them that we fall into self-blaming? Do prayers help them? Or wishes? Or ... Read More »

Stop The Aggression! Scheherazade said! A Narration from Khan Younes Massacre

Scheherazade said: … And when it was the tenth day of the Israeli savage aerial, navel & ground aggression on the sublime Gaza Strip by missiles, warplanes, gunboats, and air raids … Refaat Qissees, the General Manager of Defense for Children International, Palestine Branch, talked to me about the human casualties caused by the Israeli aggression that the occupation so-called ... Read More »

Oh Mothers of the World, “I want My Son Alive.”

They tortured the corpse 'till the dawn broke exhausted and the rooster rose to protest. They planted hooks in its flesh. They flogged it with electrical wires. They hung it from the ceiling fan. When the floggers finally tired and they rested, the corpse moved its small finger opened its wounded eyes and muttered something. Was it asking for water? ... Read More »

Scheherazade Says: A Story from the Gaza Massacre

It was the fifth day of the barbaric Israeli air, land and sea aggressions on the proud Gaza Strip. The Israeli forces attacked with tanks, naval vessels and military aircrafts. On the eleventh hour of a Wednesday night, on the 31st of December of the year 2008, being the fourth of Muharram of the year 1430 AH; Na’eema said: Al ... Read More »

(العربية) قالت شهرزاد: رواية من مجزرة غزة

ولمّا كان اليوم الخامس للعدوان الإسرائيلي الهمجي، البريِّ والبحريِّ والجويّ، بواسطة الدبابات الإسرائيلية، والزوارق البحرية، والطائرات الحربية، على قطاع غزّة الأبية، وفي الساعة الحادية عشرة، من مساء يوم الأربعاء، يوم الحادي والثلاثين من كانون الأول، من العام ألفين وثمانية ميلاديّة، وفي الرابع من محرَّم، من العام ألف وأربعمائة وثلاثين هجرية؛ حدَّثتني نعيمة قالت: حدَّثتني الحاجة زكية بنت محمد حسن أبو ... Read More »

(العربية) رسالة اعتذار إلى شادي الشرفا

شادي العزيز، حين أفرجت سلطات الاحتلال الإسرائيلي عن أربعمائة وتسعة وعشرين أسيراً من سجونها، في وقت مبكر من يوم 3 كانون الأول 2007؛ عرفت معنى الفرحة المنقوصة، وخجلت منكَ ومن رفاقك، من الأسرى غير المحررين. عذراً شادي، يا أول الأبناء وأجمل الأسماء وأنبل الشباب، عذراً لتأخري في الرد على رسالتك الجميلة الحادة الموجعة. كيف يمكن أن يجمع شاب مثلك بين ... Read More »

Until When Shall the Political Agony Prevail?

When I am invited to a conference outside the Arab world addressing literature or poetry away from politics and woman affairs, I try to use this rare opportunity that does not come very often in our part of the world, to study and examine other cultures and other peoples’ literature. Meeting with participants in these conferences Poetryfrom other parts of ... Read More »