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Razzan al-Najjar and the Dawn of Freedom: She walks with a self-assured step

The dawn of a self-assured walk; The dawn of a pure smile; The dawn of free belonging to the homeland; The dawn of a strong sense of responsibility; The dawn of insistence on life; The dawn of confrontation and defiance; The dawn of initiative, positive action, determination; Your dawn, Moussa Abu Hassanein, Your dawn, Hazem Abu Eid, Your dawn, Jehad ... Read More »

The Voices of Women in March Breaking the Siege and Ending the Occupation

I received several letters commenting on my article entitled: "Women’s Boat to Gaza 2016: A Message of Hope, Solidarity and Love". Within my column, “A space for dialogue”, I host some of these comments The letters not only expressed complete support for the initiative to break the siege on Gaza, but they also confirmed the importance of raising our voices ... Read More »

Women’s Boat to Gaza 2016: A Message of Hope, Solidarity and Love

What Palestinian people are desperately in need of in these current times as they struggle for their freedom is the will to triumph. When Mohammad Al Qeeq triumphed over his jailors after a tenacious struggle, #alive not a martyr, hope glimmered. When the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FCC) announced that the Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG) was about to set sail ... Read More »

Orange Orange: 16-Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Can we really “orange the world”? Can the world be free from violence that strips humans of their humanity? This was the goal of the “16-Days of Activism Against Gender Violence” campaign, which since 2013 called women, men and children to color the world orange to symbolize a brighter and more positive future free from violence against women. The campaign ... Read More »

The Winds of Freedom and the Ethnic, Religious and Sectarian Diversity

  "One Day you finally knew What you had to do, and began, Though the voices around you Kept shouting their bad advice—" Mary Oliver\ USA   At the time of fragmentation and division, at the time in which the compass and the priorities are almost lost; about seven hundred activists and freedom lovers from forty countries started their journey ... Read More »