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Dr. Ahmed Sidki Al-Dajani: enlightenment and unification

Last year has certainly completed its miseries when it shocked us with the death of a father, a brother, a friend, and a teacher: Dr. Ahmed Sidki Al-Dajani (Abultayyeb). Where there was honesty and tenderness, where there was principality and strong standards, where there was a need for reason, logical thinking, and objective perceptions there was Al-Dajani. He believed in ... Read More »

Fadwa Touqan: A calm voice and an enlightening presence

My visit to Nablus last month would not have been perfect if I had not visited Fadwa Touqan. Although I felt that this visit might be the last, I was amazed, like I always was, by her sharp memory, her great consciousness, and her profound awareness. Her calm voice spoke of her sorrow upon Nablus, and upon what the city ... Read More »