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Dignity strike: “the humane option for resistance”

How do we support the dignity strike? What do freedom prisoners need to improve their prison conditions? What do they need from their people, from the Arabs, and from the peoples of the free world? How can real solidarity with them be expressed? Is it useful for them that we fall into self-blaming? Do prayers help them? Or wishes? Or ... Read More »

Writing Palestine’s Comprehensive History A Tool of Resistance and Freedom

  “The archaeologist is busy analyzing stones/ in the rubble of legends he searches for his own eyes/ to show/ that I am a sightless vagrant on the road/ with not one letter in civilization's alphabet/ meanwhile in my own time I plant my trees/ I sing of my love.” Mahmoud Darwish   In light of the Zionist Entity recruiting ... Read More »

The Voices of Women in March Breaking the Siege and Ending the Occupation

I received several letters commenting on my article entitled: "Women’s Boat to Gaza 2016: A Message of Hope, Solidarity and Love". Within my column, “A space for dialogue”, I host some of these comments The letters not only expressed complete support for the initiative to break the siege on Gaza, but they also confirmed the importance of raising our voices ... Read More »

Women’s Boat to Gaza 2016: A Message of Hope, Solidarity and Love

What Palestinian people are desperately in need of in these current times as they struggle for their freedom is the will to triumph. When Mohammad Al Qeeq triumphed over his jailors after a tenacious struggle, #alive not a martyr, hope glimmered. When the Freedom Flotilla Coalition (FCC) announced that the Women’s Boat to Gaza (WBG) was about to set sail ... Read More »

Beautiful Radwa; Alive in the Collective Popular Memory

Beautiful Radwa, Was she bidding farewell to her family & friends when she wrote “Heavier than Radwa”? Is she gone? Is the woman, who declared her belonging to the ant family/ to the drowning-Straw party/ to the stubbornness party, gone? Is the woman who has never accepted defeat gone? ***** She never pretended to be anything other than herself. She was ... Read More »

Story-Sewing & Writing Social History

I recall the past, I talk about the present & I outlook the future through narrating. Is it possible for me to do all that through sewing? Would I be able to weave my stories the way I tell them? Is it possible for the ordinary (needle & thread) to shape acts of free-will towards psychological, political & social liberty ... Read More »

Hope is the dearest I possess

The study links between women’s economic, social and cultural sufferings. It concentrates on the poorest social strata of women within an integral debatable relationship between economy and culture. On an economic level, women’s sufferings, especially the ones with the poorest social strata are connected with the reality of the Israeli settlements and occupation. This directs the Palestinian economy to be ... Read More »

The Political Role of Palestinian Women in 1950-1965

In our efforts to investigate Palestinian woman participation in politics during the 1950’s till the mid 1960’s, we addressed narrators, men and women. We had certain knowledge of the deficiency in written history regarding women participation in politics during that time period. This deficiency is in particular related to documenting Palestinian women participation within Arab organizational parties, and their work ... Read More »