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Hope is the dearest I possess

The study links between women’s economic, social and cultural sufferings. It concentrates on the poorest social strata of women within an integral debatable relationship between economy and culture. On an economic level, women’s sufferings, especially the ones with the poorest social strata are connected with the reality of the Israeli settlements and occupation. This directs the Palestinian economy to be ... Read More »

The Political Role of Palestinian Women in 1950-1965

In our efforts to investigate Palestinian woman participation in politics during the 1950’s till the mid 1960’s, we addressed narrators, men and women. We had certain knowledge of the deficiency in written history regarding women participation in politics during that time period. This deficiency is in particular related to documenting Palestinian women participation within Arab organizational parties, and their work ... Read More »

The Political Role of Palestinian Women in the 1930s

As part of our investigation on the political participation of the Palestinian woman during the 1930’s we addressed men and women narrators with questions that cover up part of the shortage in the written political history of women. We investigated the women group named “Kassam Sisters” previously investigated under oral history for the 1930’s. We discussed the women participation in ... Read More »

Bibliography of Palestinian Oral History

The Administration of Planning and Development of Women published this documentary book as part of the activity that the Palestinian establishments had during the 50th anniversary of the Nakbah in 1948. Along the same lines of the international directives to empower women to change their negative model through highlighting the positive images of women by all means; there came the ... Read More »