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Orange Orange: 16-Days of Activism Against Gender Violence

Can we really “orange the world”? Can the world be free from violence that strips humans of their humanity? This was the goal of the “16-Days of Activism Against Gender Violence” campaign, which since 2013 called women, men and children to color the world orange to symbolize a brighter and more positive future free from violence against women. The campaign ... Read More »

Beautiful Radwa; Alive in the Collective Popular Memory

Beautiful Radwa, Was she bidding farewell to her family & friends when she wrote “Heavier than Radwa”? Is she gone? Is the woman, who declared her belonging to the ant family/ to the drowning-Straw party/ to the stubbornness party, gone? Is the woman who has never accepted defeat gone? ***** She never pretended to be anything other than herself. She was ... Read More »

Mawtini Mawtini..“My homeland.. We own what’s ours.”

We own what’s ours/ we own “the glory, the beauty, the brightness, and magnificence”. We own “life, survival, happiness, and hope” in your heights and in your breeze “my homeland;” for us you remain “safe, pampered, and honored.” We own youths “that will not tire, that are keen to their independence or to their fate”/ we own youths that do ... Read More »

In Tromso/ Norway: Crossing Borders with Culture

“In the free travel between cultures / researchers might find about the human essence / sufficient seats for all. Here a margin advances. Or a centre retreats/ the east is not totally east / nor the west is totally west/ as identity is open to multiple ownership / No castles nor trenches.” Mahmoud Darwish   Tromso’s yearly International Literature Festival: ... Read More »

Fadwa Touqan: A calm voice and an enlightening presence

My visit to Nablus last month would not have been perfect if I had not visited Fadwa Touqan. Although I felt that this visit might be the last, I was amazed, like I always was, by her sharp memory, her great consciousness, and her profound awareness. Her calm voice spoke of her sorrow upon Nablus, and upon what the city ... Read More »

Until When Shall the Political Agony Prevail?

When I am invited to a conference outside the Arab world addressing literature or poetry away from politics and woman affairs, I try to use this rare opportunity that does not come very often in our part of the world, to study and examine other cultures and other peoples’ literature. Meeting with participants in these conferences Poetryfrom other parts of ... Read More »